My Job

I feel like I am constantly talking to people about my job when I am traveling. When people find out what I do and how I live, there are always a million questions to follow. These are some of the most common ones I get:

What do you do?

I teach English online to Chinese children, ages 5 to 12, in an platform that the Chinese have created. It’s a virtual classroom similar to Skype, where I see the child and they see me, but also we have a workbook of activities that we do together and a virtual wipe board.

How did you find this job?

You can read about how I found this job and changed my life by becoming a digital nomad here.

What is your schedule like?

I make my own schedule basically. I have to work a minimum of 7.5 hours a week to fulfill my contract, which can be done in 2 days. So basically I have to work a minimum of two days a week, but there is no maximum on how many hours I work. So for example when I am saving up for an upcoming trip I usually work 7 days a week and pick up as many hours as I can. When I am traveling I drop down to 2 or 3 days a week since I am moving around and can’t always count on a strong WiFi connection and privacy when I need to work. Of course, when I need to make more money (like right now!) I just stop somewhere for a while and put in some extra working hours.

The hours are in Beijing time, from 6 to 10 pm (after school hours), which (on where I am in the world) can be the most difficult part of the job. Here in Colombia I am working from 5 am to 9 am. I can hardly complain when there are so many pro’s to the job.

Do you speak Chinese?

No. Although the company has offered us online Mandarin classes as part of the job, it’s completely optional and speaking Mandarin is not a requirement. Even when I was teaching English in Spain I was never allowed to speak Spanish in the classroom (and I speak fluent Spanish). The children need to make an effort to speak, listen and think in English so therefore, Mandarin is not used in the classroom. What I do use a lot of is TPR, or Total Physical Response, which means body language and gestures. Most of the kids start from zero: “A,B,C” and “Hello, how are you?” and we build up to phonics, short 3 letter blends, and reading from there.

How many kids do you teach?

The lessons are 1 on 1, 25 minutes long, and I have 8 of them a day (4 hours). On the weekends there are more hours available as the kids don’t have school.

Where does the money come from?

The money comes from China. I get a direct deposit into my bank account in the US once a month.

How are the kids?

They are the best students I have ever had in all my years of teaching. Teachers are very respected in Chinese culture, and they behave accordingly in the online classroom. They are extremely appreciative and eager to please, and I rarely have a bad student. It’s the best teaching job I have ever had.


I always look forward to class with David!

Can I do this job?

Yes, you can! If you are North American (North American accent is a requirement), have any college degree, and at least one year teaching experience or working with children, you are eligible to teach with VIP kid. They are a company that is growing exponentially and are always looking for new teachers so feel free to use the link below and apply!

Click here for more info and apply to VIP kid!

More questions? Feel free to ask away below!



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