Tintipan Beach

One of the activities  Casa en el Agua offers is an excursion to Tintipan beach in the San Bernardo archipelago,  a picture-perfect, white sand Caribbean beach just a short boat ride away from the hostel and definitely a must while you’re there.


Caribbean perfection at Tintipan Beach



Cruising around from the Casa by boat

I was surprised that we actually passed other Island-hostels on the way to Tintipan (although none of them were quite as isolated and cool as Casa en el Agua).

The boat dropped us off around 10 am and came back around 3, so we had a good 3 hours to chill on the beach (had it practically to ourselves most of the time, except for a lunch rush of tourists who came in from surrounding islands to eat). Eating lunch here is a must: You can get an enormous plate of lobster (comes with 2 lobsters!) and rice, fried bananas and salad for 50,000 pesos (around $16 bucks) brought in fresh from the sea that morning. The coco locos are delicious and much cheaper than at the Casa en el Agua, so take advantage to get your eats and drink on while you are here.img_2313

Apart from that, lay on the beach and enjoy the paradise around you! I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Tintipan in the future and stay for a few days. There is an awesome hostel on the beach there called “Punta Norte”. I will definitely be checking that out the next time I am in the area.

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