Guatapé Photo Gallery

Guatapé is a tiny town about an hour and a half north of Medellín and a must if you find yourself in the city. A lot of people go as a day trip but I recommend staying a night or two to chill out and really enjoy the place, which offers a refreshing break from the craziness of Medellín. There are also a few interesting things in the surrounding area to visit that make it worthwhile as a multi-day trip.


Without a doubt the most colorful place I’ve stood in my life

Guatapé  is known as the “Village of Zocalos”, which are these hand-painted reliefs that decorate the facade of nearly every building in the town. Sometimes they have to do with the business or the family that resides in the building. Sometimes they’re just a pretty decoration. But they’re always cute and colorful.


Even the stairs have Zocalos

From the town of Guatapé you can easily spot the other famous feature of this area, the rock of El Peñol.img_2690

It’s only a 10,000 peso ($3) cab ride from Guatapé, and 18,000 peso ($6) entry fee, and 740 steps to climb to the top of El Peñol, where you can see amazing views over Guatapé and the surrounding valley. hipstamaticphoto-510791193.327431


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