Coffee Country Photo Tour

Getting to the coffee farm requires an hour and a half hike back into the Andes mountains, high above the town of Jardin


There was lots of beautiful flora and fauna to observe along the way, particularly bird species that are unique to this part of the Andes


And coffee plants, of course. This is what the flower of the coffee plant looks like when it blooms.


Our guide explains that coffee plants and banana trees are usually grown together in these plantations, a higher profit margin for the farmers

We arrive to the coffee farm! Imagine farming coffee with this view all day. These guys don’t have it so bad…

Our guide and the owner of the coffee farm that we toured made a great team


Step one: Picking the ripe cherries off the coffee plant by hand


The red and yellow cherries are ripe and ready to go


This machine shakes the outer shells of the coffee cherry off so that only the beans fall through, then they are washed and left out to dry. The shells are used as compost.


They are left out in the sun to dry for a few days, or put into a nursery to dry if it’s rainy


The bad beans are separated from the good ones to move on to the next part of the process


Healthy beans, almost ready for roasting!!


And I get to help!


Another machine removes the thin shell from the dried coffee beans

The shells are ground up and sold as bedding for livestock and farm animals


“Cooperative of Coffee Farmers of the Andes”. Now, that’s a cool bag.


Apparently you can roast the beans on your stove top, just like popcorn!


Fresh roasted coffee beans, the best smell in the world!


Ask me if I could be happier right now. The answer, for this coffee freak, is Nope!

Here we have the coffee in every stage of it’s production, from the cherries that we picked to the ground, roasted beans that get brewed into your morning cup!

Grinding the beans… the old fashioned way

Grinding the coffee releases it’s intense aroma

Ready to be brewed into the perfect cup and enjoyed with the perfect pastries!

I am totally getting these installed in my future dream house. Genius.


Every cafe and bar lining the perimeter of the main square of Jardin is adorned with these beautiful painted chairs and tables that match the houses, like Cafe Macanas, just beside the Cathedral. What better place to enjoy a coffee that came from just a few kilometers away.